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Mar 12th, 2018 | By

by Neil Richardson Surfing like other complex tasks requires going with the flow and adapting to new situations as they emerge. Letting go and allowing some chaos into your life is essential for growth. In my book co-written with Rick Smyre Preparing For A World That Doesn’t Exist-Yet we explore how communities and organizations can thrive in

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Interview with Tom Lombardo, Ph.D., author of Future Consciousness: The Path to Purposeful Evolution

Jul 18th, 2017 | By

Original published on Spiritual Media Blog 1. What is Future Consciousness: The Path to Purposeful Evolution about and why did you write it? Before answering your opening question, I want to thank you for the opportunity to explain my new book to you and your readers of the Spiritual Media Blog. But to begin, one simple explanation I give of

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A New Enlightenment

Dec 28th, 2016 | By

by Rick Smyre and Neil Richardson We are in a transition from an Industrial Society to an Ecological Civilization that will transform the fundamental principles of thinking and organization. Although it took 100 years for the First Enlightenment (1720–1820) to emerge, eventually a phrase appeared amongst the moderate thinkers of the time that personified the

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Tom Lombardo, Ph.D. Reviews Preparing for a World that Doesnʼt Exist

Sep 20th, 2016 | By

Book Review and Comparative Commentary by Tom Lombardo, Ph.D. – Center for Future Consciousness and The Wisdom Page “Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.” Bertolt Brecht In thinking about change, whether about nature at large or change within the human condition, we can envision that change involves moving from

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