Tom Lombardo, Ph.D. Reviews Preparing for a World that Doesnʼt Exist

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Book Review and Comparative Commentary by Tom Lombardo, Ph.D. – Center for Future Consciousness and The Wisdom Page

“Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.” Bertolt Brecht

In thinking about change, whether about nature at large or change within the human condition, we can envision that change involves moving from one state to a new and different state, from A to B. And within such a step wise vision, if we focus on human change, we can ask at a practical level: How do we best move from where we are to where we want to be? That is, how do we effectively and purposefully facilitate moving from A to B? But within such a model of change, the place we are heading toward (B) is just some new stable state, even if, in some sense, it is seen as better.

But what if, instead of such a model of human change, we were to think that in moving away from A, what we wanted to realize were not some other, even if better, stable state; what if what we aspired to were the capacity for continuous change. That is, our goal would not be to just inhabit some new, albeit more comfortable place, but rather to move into a mode of unending “becoming” and perpetual progress forward: in short, transform ourselves into beings of efficacious change.

This is the challenge that now confronts us. How do we transform ourselves and our approach to life such that we become capable of living within and indeed facilitating ongoing progressive change as the new normal state of human reality? Given our assessment of contemporary times, it is arguably only within such a dynamic and transformative mode of existence (within our thinking and behavior) that we will be able to flourish in the future. Our future is flow; there will be no sitting still; as soon as we sit still, at any point in time (no matter how good our spot is), we will find ourselves floundering, maladaptive, and out of resonance with the reality around us.

This view of human reality, change, and our preferable future is the essence of Rick Smyreʼs and Neil Richardsonʼs new book Preparing for a World That Doesnʼt Exist – Yet. Rick Smyre is the President of the Center for Communities of the Future. (See the COTF website for an overview of members, history, and ongoing projects, as well as a glossary of key concepts and a selection of articles and presentations.) Neil Richardson, a long-term and active contributor to COTF, is Director of Advancement, Partnerships and Continuing Education at the University of the District of Columbia and founder of Walt Whitman Integral.

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The purpose of this review and commentary involves three connected goals:

• To describe the main themes and evaluate the content and arguments of Smyreʼs and Richardsonʼs new book;
• To compare and connect the approach in their book with some of the main ideas in my forthcoming book The Psychology of the Future;
• To compare and connect the approach in Preparing for a World that Doesnʼt Exist with some of the main themes and general philosophy of the website: The Wisdom Page.

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Preparing for a World that Doesn’t Exist – Yet

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